Alpi eConvention - 23/25 March 2021

Alpi eConvention - 23/25 March 2021

Last year we could not host our Annual Convention in Prato, a moment where our business and emotional interests get together to share views and perspectives.

This Covid19 situation has taught us new habits like VideoCalls or shared files; something we’ve had for long but that today has become part of the way we live business.

A virtual meeting is not as rich as a person-to-person meeting, but it is surely more vivid compared to an email or a telephone call. 

So based on this “New Normal”, Albini&Pitigliani has launched the ALPI eConvention, an online event created with the aim of bringing the ALPI Network together for three days, in the COVID era.

The first edition was a success and the participation has been significant:

  • More than 150 people from around the world
  • Over 50 companies
  • Over 50 countries
  • 19 timezones covered
  • For almost 200 meetings confirmed

For three days the word ALPI was on Zoom around the world in one virtual continuous call. It was time for us to get together, virtually this time, but with the same old spirit that has characterized all our relations, in these past years.

This is the ALPI Network, and we are proud of it.